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10 August 2013
Thanks again to GirlySaabFan for her procedure for rebuilding the front brake calipers.
6 July 2013
Many thanks to Rod Godfrey, who has kindly donated a procedure for replacing the headlamp reflectors.
23 June 2013
10 March 2013
Apologies for the recent downtime. This was due to problems at our web hosting provider. Saab9000.com has now been moved to a new web host. The move is almost, but not quite, complete. However, we hope this should see better reliability.

Some time ago, a problem developed with the Gallery which meant that new entries could not be approved. This has now been resolved.
6 February 2013
Added a procedure for removing and replacing the manual transmission unit. This is for 1994-on models. We hope to have the procedure for models up to 1993 available shortly.
24 January 2013
Added a procedure for replacing the bulbs in the manual heater control panel.
22 January 2013
Added a procedure for replacing the bulbs in the ACC panel.
21 April 2012
At long last, the Gallery is accepting new entries again. Many thanks for your patience!
14 April 2012
We are still performing maintenance on the site. However, the shop is once again open for business.
12 April 2012
We are currently performing maintenance on the site. The shop is unavailable and some other things may not work as expected.
Please bear with us and accept our apologies.
31 March 2012
During a recent server move, a problem was introduced into the shop, which caused the Checkout to fail before reaching the payment stage. This has been fixed and orders should now complete successfully.
Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.
23 March 2012
Thanks to Blue Cortina for allowing us to use some of his photos for GirlySaabFan's procedure for rebuilding the rear brake calipers.

The feedback form had stopped working at some unknown time in the past. This has now been fixed. If you have been trying to get in touch with us, please accept our sincere apologies.