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Andy's 9000CDEs in Thailand

Picture taken in PangNga province in Southern Thailand. The background was slammed by the tsunami of Dec.2004. Down on a relief project, I took both cars down with my team. The White is a 93' CDE Automatic with over 300k Kms on the clock, then "the Griffin" (93) loaded with sunroof and a sound system to take anyone on. These 9000 turbos proved perfect long-haul cars for Thailand even fully laden.

P.S. Just bought another 93 CD; a B234 N/A Manual and it is so much fun! Long live the stick shift! I'm working on a manual CD Turbo using an imported gearbox. My first 9000 wasn't so lucky (below). Passengers & crew walked away from a 4x tumble off a speed curve in Northern Thailand.... The morals: 1. Keep the same spec (brand & type) tires on all four wheels. 2. Insurance aren't around when you've blown it; SAAB's "Anti-moose think" is = "1994 the Safest Passenger Car in the World".

Any SAAB 9000 enthusiasts visiting Thailand are welcome to get in touch: