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Marcel's Danish "9000 Hollandaise"

This is an extremely well kept magentabrown metallic 9000 16V Turbo aut. from 1988 (Early model) 1. reg. jan. 90. in Holland. It is equipped with everything, exept sunroof and leather. It has run less than 150.000 km. It belonged to an elderly Dutch gentleman, and due to some circumstances, it was stranded in Denmark after having been used only during the summer for about 10 years. In the winter it was kept in a garage.

The first unveil. The "lady of the house" is - luckily enough - showing great interest in the project.

Well well well - Some rust in the doors is hard to avoid in a SAAB after 16 years - but this is the only attack! Due to the very high taxation of cars in Denmark, it will not be fixed untill the custom authorities have examined the car and the value fixed. The compressor for the acc did not survive the staying for more than a year without having been used. (It is fixed by now.) The car is fittet with an old TEXALARM alarm- and remote control for the doors. 4 electric windows, electric mirrors, electric antenna and so on, but manually adjustable driver seat.