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CarlyKeiths (new)? 2.0 CSE 9000 Lpt

This is the replacement for my stolen much loved & missed '89 9000 Carlsson. It has a 2.0 B204E engine with balancer shafts, with Trionic management system.

On initialy seeing the car on the web I wasn't inspired as the Carlsson was black & fast & had leather. Initial asking price was circa £2500. Without my knowledge the ownership of the garage changed & the next time I veiwed the price had dropped to £1995. The spec' stated it as a 9000 injection with s/roof,A/C,Rad'/Cas' along with all the other Saab usuals.

After browsing the web with not much succes looking for an Aero and wanting a car quickly I thought I'd nothing to lose and reluctantly went to view. I walked into the garage (as you do) & asked if I could have the keys to view. I opened the drivers door to find full climate, cruise control, a face off Rad'/Cas' and a very clean interior. Next up was the boot. Very clean & low & behold a Sony 10 CD changer. The bonnet was next and just as clean as everywhere else and a Turbo, later to find out it was a low pressure.

Not wanting to jump at the first thing and a little more interested I decided to ask for the Vin No and came away. Arriving home I used Bills Vin checker to confirm the car and then did a HPI check. All OK! So back for a test drive. Smashing, the car drove lovely and as I'd forgotten to test the cruise 'round I went again. Nice. Back at the garage I stupidly asked what was his bottom line. " What were you thinking of " he said. £1200? " No, the best I can go is £1700" Too much said I and asked him to leave it for a while so I could discuss it with the boss. As I went into the showroom to say I was going to think about it, one of the other chaps said £1600 if you confirm today. Leave it with me I said and I'll definately give you the answer today.

While at Manchester Saab for some urgent bits for the Carly the chap there gave me a guys No , saying if I needed any help to call him. Turns out he's none other than Richard Elliott. Well I told Richard I was interested in the car and a breif run down of condition and spec and of course the asking price. He simply said is it private or a trader? Trader I said. Richard said from my discription he was'nt taking me to the cleaners. I went back and signed. It appears that Richard had done a few jobs on this car including a clutch in late 2003 and some service work, so it looks for once that there is a God. To sum up I'm very pleased with it. I'm considering a few mod's. Intercooler. poly bushes all round and a dump valve to start and maybe a colour coded body kit and leather, if I can buy at the right price. The rest as things need doing.