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Teds Turbos

I laughed when I saw your three because I took this picture two years ago. Gold 87 Turbo 5sp, White 91 Turbo (2.3 HPT) Auto, Blue 88 9000 Turbo 5sp

After problems with oil delivery to the turbo on th 91, decided to part with it and the 87 which wasn't worth the clutch work. Found rims and rubber for $500 on and couldn't resist.

Picked up the grey 90 Turbo 5sp for 900! Fully Intend to build a competitive rally car with it. Some mods have been completed, and we've lost about 450 lbs. I also have a pair of Porsche 928s(Never before has going quite so fast been quite so comfortable or quite so practical). I have proudly owned a Porsche 944, and Toyota MR2. Great Website!