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Rob's 9000 Aero Manual Maptun

This 1998 Midnight Blue Manual Aero has recently won the Australian Saab Car club National Concours as 'Car of the Year' and Best in 9 5/9000 class. It has been modified with Maptun computer to stage one and Abbott exhaust and Air intake - 200Kw and 410Nm makes for 'spirited motoring. Is is stable mate to three other Saabs - 1998 Imola red 9000 Aero Automatic, 1993 Imola Red 9000 Aero Automatic and a 1988 Odoardo Grey 900 Manaual Aero. All are in outstanding condition. My wife drives the 1998 Imola Red car while I alternate the other three! the 900 has been an enjoyable project car that is now complete.

This was while on tour in Tasmania on a club outing

Interior of the Midnight blue 9000 Aero

The family!!

During Driver training Club Day