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Paul's '97 9000 Aero

Previously a Colorado car, so no salt. 143K on it now, and was overhauled with new suspension, SAS sway bars, JCW Stage 1 ECU, bumping it up to about 270hp. Angeles Crest Highway, up at 7000 ft, and just over an hour from LA.

Reaching the peak of the Angeles Crest Summit

Lucky to enjoy brand new front seats in a 15 year old car. Best seats in any car I've ever owned!

Car was repainted in Midnight blue, wheels redone and new badges from Saab USA were still available. Car now basically is as new as a 9000 Aero can be

Post repaint

Yes I'm a bit of a Saab fan. 9000 Aero joins a '94 900 Turbo convertible, and an '03 9-5 Aero wagon.