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FP9000´s Aero

Hello every 9000 fans. This is my ´95 9000 Aero 2.3. My father bought it in 2004 with 198000km and we immediatly fell in love with it! Unfortunately he´s not with us anymore and two years have passed so fast. But this car remains as well as the memories. So this Saab is a part of my life. And can always make me smile...specially when I kick the throttle at 100km/h in 4th gear!! Now (aug.2009) it has 270000km and runs like new. Hope you enjoy the photos. (FP9000-nickname on saabportugalclube)

The car with lights on. It has a 5000k/35w HID kit.

A homemade painting inspired on the ´02 9.5 Vector.

This is a picture of my two Saabs I realy like! Captured when driving my 9.3 coupé lpt.