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John's "Blue Streak"

"Blue Streak" with 2 sons (one in the car) & mother in law

These are two photos of the "Blue Streak" taken on the same day at Long Reef just north of Sydney NSW. About as close to New Zealand as you can get whilst still upon the continent of Australia.

My car is a 1996 9000 CS with some modifications: saab suspension upgrade (springs, shocks etc) plus running somewhat higher boost than standard.
It also runs 205 x 60 x 15 tyres so hangs on to the road fairly well.
But still looks & sounds very original!

It's done 152,000 Km. The engine is 2.3 LPT but has performance more like a well tuned CSE. It still gives excellent economy & comfort.

Also fitted is Saab's suspension kit (P/n 400 102 521) which has stiffer springs & shocks all round and does indeed help handling, as do the PU front sway bar bushes. These last are from Fulcrum Australia at a fraction of the Abbott price.

"Blue Streak", me, 2 sons & wife.
Finding my younger son is a bit of a "Where's Wally" exercise, he is in the baby seat in the back.