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George's 1991 9000-T

Just purchased this 9000 in July 2009. It is the third 9000 that my wife and I have owned. The other two have gone on to SAAB-Halla. This is the fastest SAAB we have ever owned, this is our 6th SAAB. I am refurbishing the car. The car was trucked in from the previous owner, who lived in the Los Angeles, CA area. When it arrived, I saw some minor damage to the left rear bumper and just above the tail light. So into the body shop it went. These first photos are of the car just out of the shop. This first photo from the front passenger corner.

Here is a view of the driver's side of the car.

Finally, for the moment, the nose of the car. Currently, the car is in for inspection and a MOBIL 1 oil change. Then it will go to a shop to have the interior window sun-screen material removed from all of the windows. After that is done, a new headliner and pillar coverings will be installed at an upholstery shop that specializes in antique and vintage car restorations. The cloth panels on each door are being removed, they are loose anyway, and a bright white leather will be installed in their place. Hoping that the white contrast with the solid grey interior brightens it up.

If you look closely at the left corner of the body, you can see a bit of damage. Obviously, the car had a minor hit at sometime in the past. This is the way the car arrived from California.