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Mark Fox's "Abbotted" 9000 2.3t

The car is a 97 R 2.3 lpt automatic with only 39k miles! It now has Abbott ECU, Abbott Front downpipe minus Cat, racing air filter, abbott dump valve, and front+rear Poly roll bar bushes. I think that it is a little more powerful than the 2.3fpt that I had before so guess we are looking at 210-215 bhp ?

Throttle response is the biggest difference - it certainly accelerates much quicker than my old 2.3 FPT (95 N reg 108k miles), and yet the new ECU has made a difference to the fuel economy. I am getting 26-28mpg (imperial) on average now for most journeys, over 30 on a long run. The previous 2.3 FPT hardly got better than 22-24 daily and 27 on a long run. (that was with a new DI as well).

I have noticed that this car has softer suspension than previous one, and tyres (Goodyear NCT5) are terrible compared to the Bridgestone RE720 / Pirelli 6000s i have used before. I will change them as soon as budget allows.

The next project would be new springs and dampers from Abbott (of course) but this will not happen until the end of the year. Then I may go for upgraded intercooler as this seems to be a good idea for reliability and extra power.