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Susie's CSE

I picked up this 1997 CSE from a guy that blew the motor (piston 4 wouldn't you know it... rod bearing welded itself to the crank it was so bad) My best friend and trusted SAAB tech "frankensteined" her together with a used cap and bearing from a 9-5, and with a little miracle working, Helen Keller (as I call her) could speak! There's a slight knock on start up, which we thought may progress, but when I towed her to do the work last summer (2007) she had 82,000 - just a baby! Now I've got just under 112,000 and I drive a SAAB the way it should be driven, and she is still running like a champ!

She is totally stock at this point, but now that she has proven herself it's time to start the transformation... I'll be removing all of the beige seats and replace them with the black Aero seats from my 1996, along with a new BSR cat back exhaust, intercooler and a tuning kit. Aero suspension and wheels will be next. Finally, I also intend to replace the side skirts, front and rear clip and all exterior moldings with the ones from my Aero (R.I.P.) all of which will be painted 227(except the solid black moldings of course!) That's right she'll be the only Citrine Beige Metallic Aero on the road with two-tone interior. Be on the lookout... when I'm passing you... ;) Thanks for looking at my page -hope to see you all at the SOC in 2009!!