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Nicks 1997 9000 2.3 CSE FPT Auto

This is my fourth 9000,the second of the four was also a 2.3 full turbo auto,and it got pranged after three weeks of ownership,and written off.I replaced that with a 2.3 LPT Manual,and then swapped that for a Classic 900 LPT(Also had 2006 9.3 Diesel for work) But I was always on the lookout for another good 2.3 auto full turbo,when I saw this advertised for a rediculously low price,I rang the owner expecting him to give me a list of things wrong,but he didn,t.It all sounded too good to be true.When I saw it,it was amazing.Full history,loads of MOT and Tax,just serviced,new tyres,loads of work done recently,right spec (Leather/walnut)etc.There are a couple of minor issues,but nothing that takes away the fun,comfort and excitement of driving it.After 1000 miles of ownership,it is proving to be the bargain of the century.I paid £300.00 Three hundred quid (It still had half a tank of petrol) Amazing.

Interior is perfect

In its natural habitat!

Cue the arty shot!