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Steve's 95 2.0 Turbo

Orite fellow 9000'ers! so heres my 95 9000 2.0 Turbo, I bought this mean machine for only £400! I then realised why, although when I went to see it, everything seemed ok, when I got her home I started to notice a few issues! the main problem was the steering rack, I paid £300 to put a second hand replacement in, then The CV joints, three parts of the four part exhaust! general service and drop links and the odd bush, now she owes me about £1500 but hey, I love her so much and would be lost without her!!! I have recently made a few modifications of the cosmetics, but have no new pics so I'll post them soon, thanx Steve-o (

Finished in champagne beige.

Saabrina's fine ass.

I've recently chalked the Michelin tyres, looks sweet!