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Pierre\'s Abbott 9000 Aero

My 9000 aero is a 1998 model (certainly may be 10 or 12 before the last model built) the colour is dark blue and i have done many modifications with Abbott parts ( engine, chassis, and braking system). I know very well the distributor of Abbott Racing in France and he thinks that this aero is one of the most efficient aero in France, and also this car is really in superb condition. I had other saab before (9000 2.0 l turbo first serie, 900 T 16 S, 9000 2.3 l CSE Turbo, a 1992 9000 aero and this 1998 9000 aero turbo sport model. I use this car every day, and for pleasure sometimes i race on a cortina lotus 1963 RHD ex work with body alloy parts and i have rebuilt a mexico with many parts coming from Burton.

Modifications: Trionic was upgrated at the Abbott factory, then i have change many parts ( all parts coming from Abbott\'s), the dump valve, the boost control valve, a complete stainless steel exhaust system from turbo and without catalyst. Chassis: lower springs with adjustable koni sport dampers, wishbone bushes, anti-roll bar bushes (front and rear), engine mounts, gearbox bushes. Braking system: Motorsport front and rear discs with mintex racing pads, standard callipers but connected by Goodrige brakelines and using Igol DOT 5.1 to preserve the ABS system. This car is really the ultimate sport utility car. I think that the powerful is about 285 ch. The next parts : high flow intercooler, induction kit and intake pipe kit. It will be more fantastic.