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Taps' '97 9000 Aero (Astrid)

I acquired Astrid who is a 1997 Canadian Aero with about 62,000 miles after my '86 Turbo which was pretty cool got destroyed. My wife
thought I needed a 4 door since we have 3 small boys and I said, 'OK honey, how about one of these?' Astrid is my third Saab and first non-900 for which I take endless abuse from SCS die-hards.

Astrid was a fleet car in Vancouver as far as I can tell, and so far I have added front and rear SAS sway bars with
polyurethane bushings and Abbott racing lower control arm bushes. This is a terrific combo. Prior to my ownership someone added clear corner lamps and side signal lamps. I've also installed a Valentine one with concealed display unit. My plans include a tire/wheel upgrade, 3 inch exhaust from the header back, and free flowing air filtration of some sort. I am a real estate agent by trade, so I must keep the obvious boy-racer stuff to a minimum. Never liked the obvious stuff much anyway. I had already done most of these things to the '86, so her demise was a real heartbreaker.