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Dave Bresslaw's 9000 Aero Auto (260bhp by Saabflight)

Wolfrace 'Spyder' wheels 18", Bridgetone Potenza tyres (nitrogen filled) 18 x 45 x 225. 10mm 'Conceptua' wheel-spacers to the rear wheels (arches trimmed a bit).

Over 160,000 miles, JT performance exhaust, SAS anti-roll bars front and rear, some uprated suspension bushes. Re-mapped and set up by 'Saabflight' in East Sussex -(highly recommended by the way!)

Top speed around 150mph. Saw 147mph backed up by the sat-nav and the car was still pulling (but we ran out of road). 0-60 time of around 6 seconds (even quicker on a cold, damp day). Car has masses of torque, this really is quite a seriously fast motor. Economy is very good. We live near the South Coast, we recently went to Stone in Staffordshire on one tank of petrol (a bit over 300 miles which cost about £95 to fill up from nearly empty).

Full leather interior, uprated speakers front and rear (Pioneer), cruise control, climate control, heated seats, memory seats, and much much more or course.

Has 55watt H.I.D. headlight conversion, plus L.E.D. side-light bulbs to front.

Other modification/improvements in the engine bay:- silicone hoses, extra earthing leads and so on.