Removing the Saab 9000 steering column cowling

Time required

A few minutes.

Tools required

  • T-20 Torx® key (needs to be narrow as some of the screws are deeply recessed - I have a set that look like Allen keys)


  1. Adjust the steering column to its fullest extension and lock it in position.

  2. Remove the four Torx screws from under the lower cowling. Note that the deepest screws can only be reached with a fairly narrow Torx key. The Torx bit supplied with my socket set would not quite reach as the bit carrier is too wide.

  3. Press the front of the top cowling to release the clips securing it to the bottom cowling.

  4. Remove the upper cowling.

  5. Remove the lower cowling, unhooking it from the steering column adjuster lever.