Useful specifications for servicing

Service schedules

This page lists specifications useful when performing services. It includes recommended fluid types and capacities, along with spark plug types.

This information is compiled from the following sources:

  • Saab 9000 CD Owner's Manual M 1988
  • Saab CD Owner's Manual Model Year 1991
  • Saab 9000 Owner's Manual 1995
  • Saab 9000 Owner's Manual 1996
  • Haynes Service and Repair Manual - Saab 9000 (4-cylinder)

Note that the four basic engine types fitted to the 9000 are identified by their Saab type numbers:

B202: 1985cc, no balance shafts (used on 2.0l models up to model year 1993)

B234: 2290cc, two balance shafts (used on all 2.3l models)

B204: 1985cc, two balance shafts (used on 2.0l models from model year 1994 onwards)

B308: 2962cc V6 (used on all 3.0l V6 models)


Fluid type/specification (UK specification 9000)

Engine oil:

Grade: Saab Turbo Engine Oil or an oil which meets the requirements of API SG and CCMC G4 or G5.
Viscosity: 10W/30, 10W/40, 5W/30 or 5W/40
If these grades are not available, oil of viscosity 15W/40 may be used, but not in winter.
If 5W grade oil is used it must be of synthetic or semi-synthetic type.

Coolant: Saab approved anti-freeze (Haynes recommends an ethylene glycol-based antifreeze)
Manual transmission oil: Engine oil to API Service SF/CC or SF/CD, SAE 10W/30 or 10W/40.
Synthetic oil must not be used.
Automatic transmission fluid: Dexron 2 ATF
Brake and clutch fluid: Hydraulic fluid to DOT 4
Power steering fluid: Saab Power Steering Fluid 1890, Texaco Power Steering Fluid 4634 (only available from Texaco in 25 litre containers), GM power steering fluid (Texaco TL 4634)
Haynes recommends "Saab or GM power steering fluid". I have also been told that any fluid from a GM dealer will do.



Engine oil (including filter):

B202: 4.0 litres
B204: 4.7 litres
B234: (to 1993) 4.3 litres
B234 (1994 on) 4.7 litres
B308: 4.5 litres
Difference between MAX and MIN dipstick marks: 1.0 litre approx.

Coolant: 4-cylinder engines: 9.0 litres
6-cylinder engines: 8.0 litres
Manual transmission oil: To 1993: 2.5 litres
1994 on: 1.8 litres
Automatic transmission fluid
(incl. torque converter and oil cooler):
7.2 to 8.4 litres
Automatic transmission fluid
(service change):
3.0 to 4.0 litres
Brake and clutch fluid: Unspecified. 2 litres is more than sufficient for a complete fluid change.
Power steering fluid: 0.75 litre


Spark plugs

Note that the Saab Direct Ignition (DI) system is very sensitive to the type of plug, due to the fact that it uses the plug as a sensor to measure a number of engine parameters and was developed exclusively with the specified NGK spark plugs. While some people have reported some success with the latest type of NGK Platinum plugs, the best advice is to stick to the recommended NGK plugs only. Bosch Platinum plugs have been tried by a number of people, but don't seem to work well for long before they give problems. If you feel like experimenting, remember that you must use resistor-type plugs with DI. Non-resistive plugs will damage the DI cassette, which is not cheap to replace.

The non-DI system (i.e. with a distributor) is much less fussy and a number of equivalents have been found to work well.

Engine Plug type Gap
2.0i (non-DI) NGK BCP5ES 0.6-0.7mm (0.024"-0.028")
2.0i (DI) NGK BCPR6ES 1.0mm +0.1/-0.2 (0.040" +0.004/-0.008)
2.0 turbo (non-DI) NGK BCP7ES 0.6-0.7mm (0.024"-0.028")
2.0 turbo (DI) NGK BCPR7ES 1.0mm +0.1/-0.2 (0.040" +0.004/-0.008)
2.3i (DI) NGK BCPR6ES 1.0mm +0.1/-0.2 (0.040" +0.004/-0.008)
2.3 turbo (DI) NGK BCPR7ES 1.0mm +0.1/-0.2 (0.040" +0.004/-0.008)
3.0 V6 (normal driving) Bosch FR8 LDC 0.8mm (0.031")
3.0 V6 (hard driving) Bosch FR7 LDC 0.8mm (0.031")